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The Foundress of the H.S.M. : Teresa Orsini Doria Pamphili Landi
The Families of Orsini and Doria have a historical background which dated from the year 100. Its branches were found in Germany, Italy and France.

The figure of Teresa is a historical one in reality of her times. She was noble not only by birth, but also in possessing qualities worth of a true Christian. All those who approached her, above all the sick, considered her as a sister and with particular affection. The congregation venerates her as their spiritual mother and is inspired by her examples to continue the works of mercy and love towards the poor and the needy.

The young man to whom Teresa was promised as a bride was Louis Doria Pamphili Landi, born on 1779 in Rome. His family too was radically Christian and some of his brothers followed ecclesiastical life and one was even became a cardinal and secretary of Pope Pius VII.

They were married on October 2, 1808 and their mutual love and admiration was the foundation of a strong family.

In her seven years of married life she gave birth to four children. The letters addressed to her children are the only sources from where we know something about her motherhood. Though simple, the letters revealed an overflowing maternal love and a strong supernatural spirit. She was constantly advising them to grow in the Holy fear of God and to be good.

Victim of Charity
As we already know Teresa was in a continuous hurry. She did not care for her health. In May 1829 her physical condition became worse, it was a real agony for her. After receiving the last sacraments, in the delirium of high fever, Teresa understood that it was the hour of supreme sacrifice. With nobility of soul she prepared herself for the meeting with the eternal love. She received the Holy Sacrament in the presence of Cardinal Zurla, vicar of the Pope. On that same day with serene tranquility and with humble trust in God, she gave her beautiful soul to her creator. She was 41 years of age.


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