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Santina Cimatti was born at Celle, a suburb of Faenza, province of Ravenna, Italy on June 7, 1861. Baptized with the name Santa, at the time of her religious consecration as a sister of Mercy in Rome, she assumed the name of Sister Maria Raffaella. After her profession she remained in Frosinone as superior, later in the Hospital of Alatri.Worn out by many years of hard work but always young in heart she voluntarily resigned her position in order to live her last years in humble activities and in prayer. She died at Alatri (Frosinone) on June 23, 1945. She was beatified on May 12, 1996.

Quotes by Blessed Maria Raffaella Cimatti

We must be like flowers which yield their fragrance to the Lord.

Youth is a gift from God. Like any other gift there is a need to preserve and to value it. Always be good and gentle.

How I wish to be an ear of God, fully ripe, a grain of wheat ready for paradise.

Every Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy must be “mother” for those who suffer, those who are sick.

The love for the sick is expressed by the Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy only when they serve, care for and feed them.

The hospital for a Hospitaler Sister is a privileged place for an outpouring of love.

Be happy if others do not care for you. If they esteem you, be content with their judgment of the condition of your poverty: if they do not esteem you, be consoled that there will be some truth in it.


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